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Dance Event Anchoring Script हिंदी

Anchoring Script for Dance Event
Start of Show

Hum jante hai aap hai bekaraar ,
Par sirf  kuch paloan ka intezaar ,
Aur phir shuru hoga yeh show ekdam Dhamaaakedaaarrrr!!!!….

Hum hai (name of the host)
Rakhenge aapka kahayal,
Aayiye dekhe hum sab ajj ke performances bemisaal!!!!
Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen!!! A very warm welcome on behalf of the name of the firm to the most awaited event name of the event

GOD answers every prayer.
When the idea is not right, GOD says no,
When the time has not arrived, GOD says SLOW.
We have good plans for ourselves but GOD has better plans for us.
So Let us all join the (short name of the firm) company members to bow down in worship of the Lord…the Saving Grace!!!
Start of performance – Song 1 (Khwaja Mere Khwaja)
Just ask UNIVERSE for help and we see wonders. That is what we call a “MIRACLE”
I think they have truly spread the spiritual vibes this eve creating a state of trance with their magnetic performance. I guess all our hands have become numb. But they deserve a big round of applause. APPLAUSE!!
I think their act has justified their power…the name of the firm in short if any power!!
Name of the firm is the outcome of ardent Zeal; a dream & mission, a manifestation seen by the passionate eyes & vision of founder name.. Founded by founder name With the grace of GOD, the love of our well wishers and the immeasurable potential and commitment of the family, every year is becoming more special since the (short name of the firm) ‘s wings are spreading wider by the day….
GOD/Bhagwaan/Allah …call with any name.. there is one SUPREME power who answers... as its rightly said “Sabka Malik Ek” .
Bas ek tadap,
A deep Desire to touch the hands of unconditional love & protection,
Ek khoj uski jo har pal hai saath ,
You think and it happens, you ask for a sip, you get oceans,
Aakhir kaun hai ..kahaan hai..
Let’s Uncover!!!!! Lets Seek!!!!
Our Next Performance by our sweet angels …
Performed By:
Start of performance – Song 2 (Aye Khuda)
Hasn’t something deep-seated ,subconscious thought just said Hello!!!!
A big round of applause for the pretty girls …revealing thats missing..So beautifully ….claps…
You all are still looking quite serious..koi baat nahin ghar jaane ke baad sochna …
Ab waqt aa gaya hai Thoda party sharty karne ka like the late night ones..hai na …(to the audience)
( if the audience says yes then)
Abhi haan haan aur bachoan ko na na .bahuat na insaafi hai…. lekin kya who sunte hai …naaaa
Unko to subah ke 4 baje bhi lagta hai ki “Party Ahi Baaki Hai  (in the tune of the song)
Daady hai naaraz lekin … (to the audience) Party Abhi Baaki hai” (in the tune of the song)
Performed By:
Start of performance – Song 3 (Char Baj Gaye)
Woohh ..that was a rocking mast performance…
dekha aisa hota hai ..so say no to your children for partying..They are all going to kill me backstage!! I can hear them whispering already... J
Yehhhhhhh kkkkya hohohoh raha hai…mere haath kaap rahe hai…(shivering action)
Koi hai ..koi hai …
bhoooooot(someone say in the mike) ...(host running action)
kahan bhag rahe hohumaara naam kaun bolega (someone say in the mike)
arre yahan bhootoan ke bhi naam hai…(smoke comes out)
Our upcoming bhoots …
Performed By:

Kahan fasa diya yaar!!!!
Start of performance – Song 4 (Die another Day)
I am still in the shock… arre yeh abhi tak yahan hai…
(humaare performance ki taarif)
It was breathtaking act!!! Applause!!!
Muje kaha gaya tha ki sweet - charming,mast-wast,story-shory,jass wazz ,boogie-wogie,wow –bow,champ-ramp,shake-wake,topsy-turvy,flips – shifts,turns-tumbles,rock –shock hoga ..accha yeh tha shock… (say it fast)
Script hai ya  breathless script.. kaun hai yaar script writer….
Bache mann ke sachche!!aa jao aur muje bachao !!!
Hum aa rahe hain (kids voice on mike)
(Bhoots action of fear and run with the closing of the curtain)
Ladies & Gentlemen please welcome our lover boys dance on the beats of  salsaaa and rock N roll with our charming girls


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